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Alternative Token Scam-Proof (UCATS) Checklist

Guaranteed to accurately vet projects before buying in OR we’ll refund your buy in amount with one of ours**

Checklist Version 1: Updated MAY 03, 2022

And that is it!!!

  • Audits aren’t required
  • KYC’s aren’t required
  • Posted contracts aren’t required

Yet, we GUARANTEE you won’t be scammed if those 10 items exist for a project you are looking to invest in. To take it a step further, if you join our site and choose our upcoming “Keep me SAFE” subscription, we’ll investigate any project you are interested in. If we certify it UCATS SAFE and it isn’t, we’ll double your lost investment (50% in our tokens plus 50% in any other token of your choosing). 


Must provide proof that each step was taken and make it verifiable before refund conversation begins. Each checklist item must have a minimum of 3 screenshots with different date/time stamps as part of the verification process.  Email evidence to and we’ll get back to you in 48hrs out less. Thank you.