Executive Team

The Right People at The Right Time

-- Like Minds to Lead The Way --

Future Foundation Building at its Best


Talent combined with like minds and like goals are the basic elements that brought us together.  Each coming from all walks of the life add an unique perspective to ensure an evolving vision. 

Experience is how that vision makes its way from the intangible thought to the tangible, physical reality. Each member gravitating towards this from within our own professional, personal and social networks, the cohesiveness was preexisting. 

Attitude never wavering when faced with difficult obstacles, has kept the direction intact even if the path has changed.  Our strengths, just like our weaknesses, complimenting one another. Our drive and determination for success growing constantly. 

Moral duty, NOT monetary aspirations are what  incentivize us and what makes all of this possible. Our desire to help create positive change directly impacts our sustainability and exponentially increases our chances of success.

Only when you add in the perfect blend of creativity, innovation and inventiveness coupled by principle, process and execution does the “chances of” success become all but guaranteed

Our Family

In a few short months we’ve amassed a team that stretches the globe and is as deep culturally as we are professionally.  To pull off the incredible you need the support of the incredible. With 14 total and expanding almost daily, to ensure your comfort level with us and your investments, we have chosen to run everyone through rigorous background checks (criminal, financial, and media) and the standard identification verification process.  Starting with Know Your Client/Know Your Customer ID Verifications from SumSub (a Binance KYC favorite) to get things moving in the right direction. To ensure timely turn arounds given the rate at which we will be hiring, we’ve partnered with SumSub to vet out all upcoming SAFE Holdings, Inc. and SAFE Invantage employees. 

Below is our core executive team who will be overseeing the bulk of day-to-day operations going forward.  

With the creation of SAFE Holdings, Inc. and the start of the SAFE Invantage investment portfolio with Max ROI, the team page will be expanding considerably.  Our Careers section is Under Construction as over 40 positions will be made available AUGUST 1st.  Offering 25-50% higher salaries than market average, inclusion of project tokens as part of compensation packages, full company paid health benefits, a full debt forgiveness program, profit sharing, and much, much more!

Please continue to check back with us as we are just getting started!!