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Maximum Return on Investment

-- Passive Income --

Level MAX

ROI - Return on investment

Max ROI is a revolutionary new concept in digital currency. A revolutionary new deflationary token without any burn/waste mechanism. A revolutionary new approach to cryptocurrency in that its success isn’t hype nor perceived value driven.

With the state of the global economic situation, a revolutionary NEW CONCEPT + TOKEN + APPROACH is just what the world needs right now. More specifically, the people suffering due to the mistakes and arrogance of a select few as is the case during anytime of tragedy and recession. This introductory token is nothing short of groundbreaking. Combining real world utility with performance-enhancing chart safeguards (variable, calculated trade limits of 1-5% per day) are just the beginning. Backed by multiple pre-deployment “test & fix” audits to leave nothing up for chance. With 1 in-house, 3 CyberScope (2 Testnet/1 Mainnet) and the launch contract audit via Certik, all possible contract question marks answers. This will help secure future investors. Not only inside of the crypto space but outside as well. Through fully confirming a safe + secure + scam-proof project, anyone capable of investing…


…and SAFE-ly

Random 3rd Party SECURITY CHECK

0% Sell Tax - Trade Cap 1-5%
100% SECURE 100% SAFE
100% Secure/100% SAFE


 IMPORTANT: There exists no external transaction related to Stop Selling or Trading, nor Increase the Tax beyond tradable limits. No aspect of this contract allows for any scam-related function.

Liquidity is 100% Locked = No Possibility of the Infamous Rug Pull
(unlocking December for massive upgrade and value pump)

The Trade Cap is Hard-coded = No External Transaction Available to Initiate a Honeypot
NOTE: The CyberScope audit’s generalized “opinion” makes its findings misleading and inaccurate. Given not a single project getting this audit ever seeing the Top 200 nor long-term success, is the driving force behind a 4th audit using Certik. This contract would be fully renounced but with a migration to the SAFE Invantage Blockchain and being pegged to its native coin in the near future, it remains SAFE Invantage owned.

KYC x3
Know Your Customer:
Publicly Documented [via MoonROI+AMAs]
AMA x10
Ask Me Anything
  1. CyberScope
  2. PinkSale
Twitter Announcement


Max ROI is built exclusively to PERFORM

Recession Proof -|- Bearish Market Proof -|- Investment Plateau Proof

To do this…to be SUCCESSFUL in a virtual digital asset space is not an easy as it may appear given the highly publicized and highly traded Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance projects dealing in BILLIONS of dollars a day. The majority of projects fail at a rate of about 99.3 out of every 100 released. Even for the majority of preexisting companies (10 weeks to 10 years old), crypto projects (tokens, coins, NFTs), or, the combination of both, are failing or have failed. The most obvious signal of complete failure is a positive return on investment, which less than 3% have experienced consistently. If at all. Now, consider the odds against a brand new business/token? Less than 0.5% of surviving week 1. Statistically speaking, success in Cryptocurrency now and in the next 3 months, is not a fiscally advantageous investment to say the very least.

[Except for 1 brand new company and the projects they are releasing]

Having obstacles, the Ponzi scheme/criminalized stigma, and everything else keeping the other 600 Million to over 1B “banked” investors from diving into the crypto space any time soon, what makes Max ROI this 1 exception? What makes Max ROI the place the remaining investors hard earned money should go?

1) 70+ Invest2Advance/Invest2Earn Real-World Utilities

2) 3-Pronged Investment Return Safeguards

That is just the beginning of what this project will offer. This project will be a pioneer and help lead the nearly 2 billion non-crypto investor demographic into the digital asset market. Coupled with a bull run likely starting around NOV-08 (US STA crypto policy vote), investing in Max ROI may be the best investment decision today’s investor ever makes AND the last investment decision today’s investor may ever need to consider again.

ceo corner


Project Details, Investment Security and Proof of Work

Stealth Launch Pancake Swap OCT-19 | Slippage Buy 1-10%/Sell 1-4% | 8% Buy Tax/0% Sell Tax | No Contract Sells

1-5% Sell Availability Chart Protection | LOW Market Cap | 100% Locked Liquidity

***No External Access to Tax-Rate Changes OR Sell/Trade % Changes OR Trade On/Off**

Details: Tokenomics

Whitepaper: theMAXpaper Ed 4.1

Money Back Guarantee: Certificate

Contract: 0xBfB696f82C1D7E672FC4ca8370c1760e8813aD7F

How To Buy/Charts: Pancake Swap | Poocoin | Dextools

Telegram: mxR Official | Twitter: mxR Official | YouTube: SAFE Invantage | Facebook: mxR Official

BSC Blockchain Ledger: Project Transparency

Wallet Addresses

Copy/Paste Addresses for all the Contract Wallets:

  • Corporate | (Amt) 45,000,000,000 | (Address) 0xC2c943989040C945f37d1E65376A05aa355bb90c
  • mxR – Presale Wallet | (Amt) 45,000,000,000 | (Address) 0x7c6c83ec81a65db909865cc63a2cd456a9b86594
  • mxR – Reinvest Wallet | (Amt) 5,000,000,000 | (Address) 0x27e977238DA45483379CA37fa4294578fD74f5D0
  • mxR – PCS Launch | (Amt) 5,000,000,000 | (Address) 0xa920d866Ddb445380beed0B72dd4631A7c6c39Db

Real World Utility -- Real World Value -- Real World Impact

The Virtual Space Bridge into reality


One issue in the longevity of any token is setting the “real value” price point. Bitcoin took nearly 3 years before it was able to establish its “real value” by being usable for an exchange of a good or service in the real world. We chose to expand on and expedite our “real value” designation by about 2.9 years and 20 hours via an unannounced, STEALTH public launch.

Within 4 Hours of Launch: The scheduled AMA, Max ROI will be purchased for real world uses, LIVE, as an example of the very first invest case. A business action that will implement the new hire benefits and payroll system at SAFE Invantage. This would be called a “Use Case” by standard crypto nomenclature.

However, as mentioned many times previously, the approach taken with this token, this company, is an “Invest Case”. With every “Invest” case, tokens are purchased without being sold. Each time, diminishing supply to allow the investors a worry-free sell knowing there will always be buys. Implementing a Real World system using a Digital Asset as part of future earnings vs. short term buys just to sell moments later.

Between the hiring package bonus of 10% base-salary, the 20-25% of employee salary, and the 401k match up to 10% in Max ROI, within the first 7 days there will be up to $50,000.00 in employment “Invest Cases”. The aggressiveness of the schedule after the Max ROI launch, the amount of employees getting picked up in the first month will be close to 60, pushing the Employment Invest Cases up to $100,000/week by month#3. And that’s just Invest Case – Package 1.

[MoonROI token 4% mxR Rewards] + [Invest to Advance "ROI Brothers" Game] + [Rent to Invest Rental Leases]
[FutureReBuild token 4% mxR + 4% mnR Rewards] + ["Small Business Saviors" Reinvest Purchases]
[Rent-To-Own Reinvest Home Purchases]
+ Dozens and Dozens more...

Question(s): What makes Max ROI “Revolutionary”? An immediate Use Case? A clever spin on “Use” Case? What if the parent company never grows? Stops hiring? What if the trade volume decreases or never fully reaches its potential right from the start?

Answer – Part 1: 

Each Invest Case Max ROI has (12 currently in weeks 1 thru 3), will be expanded upon. If part of the payroll package is 25% of the employee’s salary in Max ROI, there will be an opportunity of that employee to contribute another 10% of their salary to Max ROI and the company will match that. In the first 24hrs of launch, approximately $23,500 could be purchased. In the first week, $70,000 given the amount of employees to onboard. In the first month, $150,000 could be the average weekly purchase of Max ROI just from a single Invest Case.  

[NOTE] Each employee will not have access to sell their Max ROI until the end of the first year and then only 5% a month after that (3 Year Contracts)

Answer Part 2:
Let's Count the 6 Ways to Revolutionary

(Max ROI forecasted Project Model as of OCT-07-2022)



As the ICO took place in FEB and as the token gains some momentum now (7 months later), awareness is the biggest obstacle heading into launch. With only a final pre-sale available at this point, pumping the brakes and assessing the best options for a bar-setting launch.

Presale Sites and Launchpad Models

  • Ineffective and shortsighted (outside of small handful)
  • Most recent made it clear that a non-hype, real-world digital asset is beyond the majority of typical crypto investor comprehension


  • Only options that are applicable to the Max ROI business model are those that have dealt with company backed, larger scaled tokens like $SOL$XRP$DOT$ADA, etc.

VC’s and AI’s 

  • Utilizing this route for larger business opportunities beyond just this token launch

II    (re)Invest case(s)    II


Token FACTS (Invest Case © Pending):

  1. Approx. 12 Real World Invest Cases being made available from Day 1 to Day 21 attributing to no less than $115,000 in Max ROI Investments – Per Week – by our 22nd day in release
  2. Each Invest Case Utility has multiple other Invest Case possibilities (12 to the 5th power and more)
  3. Not a single Invest Case made available in the first 3 months will allow selling as Max ROI is an actual investment and the first in cryptocurrency to be one
  4. Max ROI will exist on the SAFE Invantage BC as soon as the SIBC is released to increase security and additional digital Invest Case possibilities
  5. At least 90% of all Invest Cases add real world value, organic advertising to the 600M to 1B investors unfamiliar with crypto AND removes all potential for the many cryptocurrency pitfalls that sink nearly 100% of crypto projects in their first 90 days of release
  6. Max ROI will utilize every Invest Case possible in order to continue increasing volume, real world usability, and actual digital asset value (like a credit card)

The inner-workings are PROPRIETARY as nothing exists like this anywhere. With many of the unique aspects of this token being copied thus far to simply further other projects appeal (surface, short-term hype) – the “magic recipe” will remain under lock & key until after each individual release.

III    inVESting approach    III


In the alt-coin Space (98.7% of all of Cryptocurrencies out there), there exists limited success, a ratio of investors to scammers of 4:1, and almost an entire user base of “Get Rich Quick” mentalities. Which is what leads to the scams and volatility thus preventing people from getting as rich as quickly as they’d like.  

What gambling requires to be “gambling” is risk. Generally, great risk which can give way to great reward. As it stands, every investment in regulated, global markets just like every investment in crypto is a gamble right now.

Unfortunately,, there is nearly no risk (<0.01%) investing in Max ROI and only opportunity. Only reward.

The only gamble is NOT investing in Max ROI.

Gimmick-Free Investing

No rewards. No reflections. No burn. No contract selling. No dependency on volume. No "hodl". No sellers get "rekt". No blown up slippage. No hidden wallets or contracts as they are all listed above. No hype Telegram marketing. No social influencers. No paid promotions. Just best business and best investment practices coupled with level next innovation and creativity.


A Green Chart

With the switch from vesting to calculated sell limits, it doesn't matter if it's "International Sell Max ROI Day", with liquidity maintaining price stability, with an average of 2-3% available to sell per wallet, and the SAFE Invantage "Invest Case" volume set to meet or exceed average trading - get ready to see Green Day 1 to Day 1001!

Passive Income Level MAX

A contract that factors in trading volume and investment portfolio ("bag") size, it won't matter if you're a whale, a shark or a minnow - all are treated equally come sell time.

With the ability to sell anywhere from 1% to 5% a day, you don't have to worry about selling too much or too often or a WELE 'well-ee' (whale extinction level event).

--Investor + Investment Protected Focus--

As the value grows, it'll get to a point where whatever percentage you sell may turn from covering a grocery bill to buying a second home in 3 months or less!. Even if trade volume loses momentum, the Invest Cases will continue driving the value, diminishing supply and adding real-world long term true value.

Safe Guards

It's no coincident the Max ROI shield resembles the symbol for SAFE and SECURE as it relates to a number of different industries. And it all starts with the unheard of investment Money Back Guarantee if the investment hasn't met at least a 25% return - give it 30 days is all we ask. Then the multi-audited contract through different phases (testnet to mainnet), different ways from employed devs to industry standard organizations. To the Invest Cases planned to give native currency competition, to a calculated contract to avoid any significant dips, to the addition of a token that rewards in Max ROI, to an Invest to Advance (copyright pending) series of games, etc., etc. Failure is not only not an option, it's nearly impossible!


IV Independence IV

….from Bitcoin

….from other token instability

Protecting an investment goes beyond the technical side of digital assets at times.  It involves keeping exterior triggers from impacting projects unnecessarily. With an extremely small margin of error, the less negative influence the better. (1) By limiting Max ROI pairs to those that are less directly related to coins that are heavily influenced, it limits Max ROI indirect external impact. (2) Blockchain and entire self-sustained/self-contained ecosystem underway. It is being developed to further the Max ROI independence from all outside sources. Keeping the future (and chart health) of Max ROI under Max ROI’s control.


V Performance V

One of the reasons behind the creation of this token was that very VERY few tokens were built to actually achieve chart success. Their designs always lacking, their purpose always limited and their approach always amateurish. Hyping basic, simplistic features like reflections, rewards, buy-backs, non-contract sells, wallets, launchpads, weak partnerships, etc.

A BIG example to the new crypto “fad” of 2022 – Staking and Yields. Which rely on too many assumptions to deliver even a fraction of the returns their buyers were expecting. Same exact chain of events with all the reflections and reward tokens. The only way either of these hype mechanisms could see some success with a buyer was if that buyer was part of the team or was able to get in at ICO-phase. Not even presale was lucrative enough because at launch most tokens suffer presale buyer sells that drop the price below that of even the presale price. 

It would be easy to go through every project out there that hovers just outside the Top 100 coins and explain why each had no chance of immediate, intermediate or long term success. The worst part, almost all those token owners had ZERO PLANS on their project ACTUALLY being successful. Usually, those tokens that survive just long enough to release VERSION 2, do so because that is when the liquidity they mistakenly locked (for further hype and superficial community trust) becomes unlocked. Then they use that to kick-off V2 in hopes of another opportunity to make money in the short term before their V2 project, inevitably, fails. Basically, using the desperation of their communities to get one last good pump to line their pockets. 

SAFE Invantage LLC does not want any confusion in what drives them as it applies to this token

[Max ROI] IS 

  • NOT a hype token
  • NOT a replica of any project that has existed, recently came into existence, or will be coming into existence
  • NOT built on a foundation of greed, selfish motives or manipulative ideologies

[Max ROI] IS 

  • a completely unique digital, commodity-mirroring, non-security asset
  • the future of cryptocurrency
  • bearish-market brilliance
  • the “People’s Performance Utility Token”
  • the future of global decentralized finance

In Brief – “HOW” & “WHY“:

  1. controlled investments (buys/sells/trade volume)
  2. real world, always expanding usability
  3. success-driven organic growth and marketability
  4. safeguarded from external market and economic instability 

Simply put: [Max ROI] IS meant to Perform...PERMENANTLY

VI Technical + "Tokenomics" VI

The Features

Worry-Free Investing

  1. Decreased Risk
  2. Decreased Chart Dips
  3. Decreased Token Plateaus
  4. Decreased Token Total Supply
  5. Decreased Bad/False PR
  6. Decreased Gambling
  7. Decreased Launch Sell-Off

Organic + Strategic Marketing

  1. Increase Token Acceptance
  2. Increase Token Excitement
  3. Increase Token Engagement
  4. Increased Token Awareness
  5. Increased Token Recognition
  6. Increased Token Holders
  7. Increased Token Trade Volume

Maximum-Level Returns

  1. Increased Token Value
  2. Increased Sell Protection
  3. Increased “Green Candles”
  4. Increased Project Appeal
  5. Increased Interaction Frequency
  6. Increased Repeat Investments
  7. Increased Holder Length
Supply Breakdown

The Technical

Contract: The Details

  • BSC Blockchain
  • BUSD Primary Pair
  • 18 Decimals
  • 100,000,000,000 TS / 5,000,000,000 CS
  • 5B CS Per Exchange (3 Exchanges, USDT Pair)
  • Launch Price $0.000005
  • Market Cap $25,000
  • Liquidity $8,500

Contract: The Goods

  • 100% of Liquidity Locked Forever
  • 8% Buy/0% Sell Tax/Slippage set to 8-10
  • 8% Reinvested
  • 3 Invest Cases at Launch
  • 12 Invest Cases 1st 21 Days
  • No Vesting
  • Sell % Based on Total Trade Volume and Token Amt
  • Cyberscope Audits Pre-Launch/Certik Post-Launch

Coming November + December 2022

levelNEXT BC Tech

The Freedom-Chain Blockchain

The pride of the organization and the point being represented in every single aspect since this started back in February. Will be represented in every single aspect throughout. The concept of breaking free of the chains that bind us transcends history whenever power is abused, whenever someone or something imposes upon the will of others, and whenever lady justice is only blind to the actions of the unjust. In last 10 years, the opportunities to break free of those chains have become more and more limited. However, the introduction to a highly secure, fully transparent, fully autonomous, and fully immutable technology – the Blockchain creates maybe the only opportunity left to truly be free. Thus, by creating the Freedom Chain, the chains that restrict or eliminate nearly all TRUE freedoms…shatter.

Mid-October [eco-DashBoard] -|- Late October [eco-Performance]
Early November [ECO-InvestCase]




  1. Web3/DApp Access
  2. Budget & Investment
  3. Value Calculated Projections
  4. Interactive (All Nationalities)
  1. Competition Compare
  2. Ecosystem Success Rate
  3. Road to a Million Countdown
  4. Synergistic Synopsis
  1. Complete List of Invest Cases
  2. Predictive AI
  3. Historical, Live and Future Analytics Per Invest Case

Early November [MoonROI stealth Launch - Max ROI Massive rewards]
Mid-November [the ROI Bro's Game - Beta] -|- Late-Nov/Early-Dec [theFreedomChain]

Moon ROI Stealth Launch

The ROI Brothers

SAFE Invantage Blockchain

  1. Circumventing scams by unannounced launch
  2. Will launch at $150k MC
  3. $0.00001 at Launch
  4. Will let community know 4-5 hours post launch
  1. 100 People will be picked to test (sign-ups late OCT)
  2. 1st Invest-To-Advance Concept
  3. Homage to “Mario Brothers”
  4. Android, iOS, Windows, Web3/dApp
  1. theFreedomChain unveiling
  2. 500 People to be selected to beta test mid-late November during audit
  3. Production GO-LIVE Release December 5th, 11:10am

Late-December [NEO Bank Details] and Beyond...

Near 0% Transaction Fees

Debit/Pre-Paid Cards

International Use/Transfers

  1. 70% cheaper than standard credit card transaction fees at Point of Sale (POS)
  2. 80% cheaper than the cheapest trade/swap
  3. all fees are Reinvest NOT net gain
  1. Same concept as any bank or credit/debit card
  2. Reinvest % Back (RPB) plus Dividends per use
  3. Use anywhere credit/debit cards are accepted

Insured Accounts + Transactions

Bill Pay Benefits

99% Approval Loans

  1. $2,000,000 insured vs FDIC $250,000
  2. Brick & Mortar locations SAFE Holdings owned
  4. Recession-Proof Real-World Currency (Q2 2023)
  1. Automated Bill Pay via dividend earnings before account balances and investments touched
  2. Reinvest % Back (RPB) if all bills paid through NEO Bank
  3. Debt Clean-Up Program
  1. No credit checks
  2. No leveraging, all liquid
  3. SAFE Invantage Stable Coin
  5. No penalties for non-successive late repayment

if Cryptocurrency is the evolution of finance....

....MAX ROI Is The token taking it there