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Maintaining integrity isn’t about what is front and center. Isn’t about the RIGHT NOW. It’s about a historical record of never wavering and never taking a break from objectivity or a strict moral code.


This page is a casual reminder of what SAFE Invantage is and the point of its existence. To deliver the best possible information without losing sight of the purpose. Staying pure in message without “tip-toeing” over or through the hard facts.

Straight Forward.

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Max ROI:

JULY 26th

  1. Updated Whitepaper to include new Launch Date
  2. Updated Website to reflect those changes
  3. Presale Launchpad journey is slow even as 40 have been applied for
  4. Gaining interest from a few smaller ones potentially leading to a partnership
  5. All presale and launch information is updated for the final time before launch
  6. Launch scheduled for August 6, 2022

JULY 27th

  1. Nearly the entire team is together working around the clock
  2. New investors are popping up from outside of the Altcoin Crypto space
  3. $20,000 in Parent Company Shares transaction completes
  4. More and more interest and like minds joining the project every day

Internal - Business Happenings

SAFE Holdings

JULY 25th

  1. Company Official in Wyoming
  2. Crypto, Youth Foundation, Real Estate, and Software Development LLC’s being prepped for late week business registration and formation
  3. Wyoming-Related articles shared

JULY 26th

  1. Nearly all external shares sold within 36 hours of formation in support of the company and its vision (7.5% out of the 9% ownership sold)
  2. All business functions getting the attention it needs as first few ventures begin achieving completion


business objectives - JULY 25 thru JULY 27


  1. Max ROI Launch [EOM JUL/EARLY AUG]
  2. Formation of all companies (6) existing under the SAFE Holdings, Inc. umbrella [EOM JUL]
  3. Employee Hire-On [AUG Wk 1] (Click HERE for initial onboarding package details)
  4. Max ROI Use Cases (4) fully operational – expedited but 100% necessary [EOM AUG]
  5. All company funding will be by crypto success. 30-40% of the owner’s crypto holdings will be sold incrementally over 60 days following each token’s release [REVOLVING JUL to JAN]/


  1. Moon ROI Launch [EOM AUG]
  2. Non-Profit Foundation Future Rebuild Launches [AUG]
  3. First 3 Grants Issued (Central NY, Arlington VA) [AUG]
  4. FFR Token Launch [EOM AUG/Early SEPT]
  5. First Invest to Advance “The Adventures of the Max & Moon Brothers” mobile game released [SEPT] 
  6. SAFE Holdings, Inc. Corporate Headquarters established in Wyoming with each subsidiary on their own floor – satellite offices in VA, Central NY, FL, AZ, TX  [EOM AUG to EOM SEPT] 
  7. Initial employee base hired (60+) [by EOM SEPT]
  8. Blockchain Beta [by EOM SEPT]

External - Economic Happenings




The Digital Market



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News is not simply the headlines or a well liked/performing article. News is truth finding, statistically factual knowledge seeking and the easiest way to catch up in world happenings. Having a path back to where headlines began filling in proclamation to becoming realization. 

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