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21-Days Per Month

In order to effectively follow-up the delay ridden, adversity heavy, 8 month long coming out party that is the infamous, Max ROI, the Moon ROI concept was easy.  On-time, no delays, and relaxed release. Maybe some reflections or some rewards. Maybe something bold and ridiculous like a huge buyback. Really tone down the business and turn up the crypto hype!



“Whale Eater” Token?

Whole new meaning to
“Sellers get Rekt”  Token?

“Public Relations” Token?


However,  we all know that hype is a marketing tactic to create nothing more than short term appeal to give a virtual asset perceived value. 

If Moon ROI is to maintain the SAFE Invantage “game changing” and “financially revolutionary” vision, then it has to be more. Has to be an asset that has purpose. That offers investors a worry-free position in an up and coming, highly innovative, level-next technology project. 

A bright future with scheduled investment perks.

One you Can Set
your Clock By


Maintaining consistency in multiple safeguards, features and investment return opportunities, the project grew.

As the “Celestial Event” Token emerged after the brain storm of the century, the “Public Relations” concept evolved without losing its key purpose. To build community and project cohesiveness. To strengthen ALL internal and external ecosystem bonds.

But before the “How” this project works, some information on “What” Moon and ROI represent.


A term that is often employed as a verb (mooning) to describe a cryptocurrency that is under a strong upward market trend. Another common use of the expression is in the phrase “to the moon,” which refers to a strong belief that certain cryptocurrency is soon going to rise significantly in price.

ROI (Return on investment)

A financial ratio that’s used to measure the profitability of an investment relative to its costs, expressed as a percentage. When you invest, whether in the stock market or in your business, your goal is to earn money and get a return on your investment. You put up cash anticipating that what you put in offers an even greater ROI. 

ROI Equation

1] Is this one of those name knock-off projects? Like the 100 different types of Doge or Inu or Floki or Safe or Moon?

2] What Separates This Project from every other Moon-based or moon-Named or moon-ing token out there?

— Moon ROI is the second business-backed cryptocurrency release from the SAFE Invantage Team

— Moon ROI is the Public Relations vehicle for Max ROI, but more than that, the entire SAFE Invantage Ecosystem

— Moon ROI is the literal, the figurative, the metaphorical representation of the word “Moon”

— Moon ROI has no ties, affiliations, or aspect like any other token containing the word “Moon” nor as limited as those projects

3] What Does “Public Relations” Vehicle mean?

— Public Relations (PR) becomes a major part of any sizeable business to keep the company image inline with the company objectives and long terms goals. To maintain consistent, positive involvement with the community and promote the business aspects that promote consistent positive change for the community. So, instead of a use case heavy token, an investment return weekly token  where the more fun you have, the better your chances of increasing returns week over week over week. Essentially, a token, once owned, that invests in its investor. The more you play, the more you associate with your fellow investors and introduce new investors and, just overall, the more fun you have the bigger your investment becomes  the bigger the prizes become – the bigger the positive impact on all token prices becomes – the more stress free/worry free time you have.


Let’s count the ways 1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . . 4 . . . 5 . . . 6 . . . 7 . . .

moon phases

The most obvious difference is that the usage of the “Moon” isn’t the metaphor for a spike on the chart or a project increasing in value and experiencing high trade volume. Instead, this represents that actual Moon. As in the Lunar Phases of the Moon. More specifically the visible ones with an inclusion of the New Moon “not so visible” one. And how each phase represents a contest or giveaway as they occur. Since most Lunar Phases last around 3-4 days a piece, on the low end, that means 21 days of contest/giveaways every month. Or over 265 a year.

The Lunar Phase details are HERE in theMOONpaper (aka Whitepaper). By the time of the Presale, they will be HERE on the Contest/Giveaway page. After launch there will be a twice weekly newsletter sent out to all those who register with the site.

For those more interested in what the project entails, there are no shortage of features.


1st Feature: An Advantage Wrapped in a Benefit – The long lost concept of Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy investing. Something that is nearly unheard of in the altcoin space. Something that is starting to become unheard of in the centralized, regulated world as of late too.

Know Your Client/Customer (KYC)

Registered & Licensed Business

Reputable Partnership

100% Money Back Guarantee

Pinksale KYC/DOXX/Audit
SAFE Invantage Cert of Org
SAFE Invantage Articles of Org
Pinksale Partnership Announcement
Partnership Details
Partnership Kind Words

preliminary Presale Audit

Auto-Audit Pass
Money Back Guarantee

Cyberscope Audit


2nd Feature: The Benefit AdvantageAfter establishing trust, the next step is transparency into how the token total supply is broken down followed by the many highlights of the project. The highlights being the nudge many investors need to be apart of a project/investment and to start making their hard earned money now work for them for a change.

Worry-Free Investing

  1. Decreased Risk
  2. Decreased Chart Dips
  3. Decreased Token Plateaus
  4. Decreased Token Total Supply
  5. Decreased Chart Dips (One More Time)
  6. Decreased Risk (worth saying twice)
  7. Decreased Launch Sell-Off

Organic + Strategic Marketing

  1. Increase Token Acceptance
  2. Increase Token Excitement
  3. Increase Token Engagement
  4. Increased Token Awareness
  5. Increased Token Recognition
  6. Increased Token Holders
  7. Increased Token Trade Volume

Mooning Opportunities

  1. Increased Token Value
  2. Increased Dividend Returns
  3. Increased Rewards
  4. Increased Reflections
  5. Increased Interaction Frequency
  6. Increased Repeat Investments
  7. Increased Holder Length


1] giveaways 21 days a month? How much is being given away? Will there be more than just giveaways?

2] And 21 Feature too? Still seems like a hype token, what are the use cases? How does this have a real future? How will it get AND maintain trade volume?

— YES! Read BELOW– 40+ games, friendly gambling/betting and a constantly evolving adult playground to offer every investor (or just the curious) the best possible experience in crypto today.

— The total being given away if everyone participates on a regular basis, $1,500,000.00 or $18,000,000.00 each year just from lunar phases! That doesn’t add in the 3x bonuses and 20% bonus buys, or the ever increasing dividends the more you buy and the longer you hold. Within 6-8 weeks, the dividends, Max ROI Rewards, and Moon ROI Reflections could have presale buyer of 5 BNB or more looking at retirement in under 2 months! Then just play games for a living. Use those winnings to buy the big ticket items and use the automated weekly reflection, rewards and dividend payouts live a very lavish lifestyle.

— Ah, the infamous “use cases”. Since SAFE Invantage isn’t about the using of the token to satisfy a transaction between a buyer and a seller or a buyer and services/ goods, they are more “Invest” Cases than anything else. For example, Moon ROI will be a physical token and a prepaid card (see below for initial design concepts). 1 week prior to the launch of Moon ROI, SAFE Holdings will be procuring about 20 commercial locations in highly trafficked and populated areas to renovate into low overhead, high profit margin businesses that serve future purposes from a strategic standpoint. Each having 3-Tier Subscription features that can be packaged together.

— Big fan of long-term questions, gives hope for a strong, very lucrative crypto space if more people get on board with the long game. I digress. So, yes, there will be multiple ways to drive up volume and keep it moving in that highly coveted, endless green candle high. Between the 3 Invest-Cases, the Invest-Back (cash back variation), the Giveaways in both the rewards and reflection tokens which more of the reflections token, more reflections and more rewards which will continuously drive up the price of both. Especially setting a timer instead of just every hour. Allowing time to build will produce larger quantities and create a more dramatic price increase once a week. This will entice whales and pump/dump fanatics with one huge caveat – only 3% can be sold at any given time in the same 24 hour period.


3rd Feature:  The Building Blocks of the Benefits Behind the Project’s AdvantageAny project that is meant to exist beyond launch week must have a solid set of requirements. Ordinary. Extraordinary. Between tokenomics and the other the technical pieces, although not truly understood by many, but full transparency is still needed. Seeing is believing and there will be countless ways to gain visibility on all the inner workings leading up to launch and following it. An indestructible foundation is fantastic but without knowing it’s there and how it works, it’ll never feel nearly as stable as the indestructible label suggests.


Contract: The Details

  • BSC Blockchain
  • BUSD/BNB Primary Pairs
  • 18 Decimals
  • 400,000,000,000 TS
  • 15B CS/Exchange
  • Launch Price $0.00001
  • Market Cap $150,000
  • Liquidity $100,000

Contract: The Goods

  • 50% of Liquidity Locked
  • 12% Buy/0% Sell Tax
  • Tax Distributed Weekly
  • 4% Reflections
  • 4% Max ROI
  • 4% Dividends
  • Audited
  • Thrice – CoinScope[Presale], 3rd Party[Dev] & Certik[Launch]

4th Feature:  The Best of the Features and the Benefits / Where the Investor has the Best Advantage to Make the Most out of Their InvestmentGames, Contests, Lotteries, Giveaways, and Real World Invest Cases Involving even more Fun and Games (Mostly). Crypto trading and investing has become so serious with so many losses for millions and millions of people, Moon ROI was created to be that outlet where it just takes a community registration and the cost of a night out for dinner and drinks.  As one of the many 3-pronge approaches, the one that this project’s gaming and active community objectives are built upon is what will continue to bring new people in, new project interest, and give this leg of SAFE Invantage a no-ceiling future. Giving your investment the same no-ceiling future as well!

The gaming feature of Moon ROI, conceptually and ethically, was and is built to be:

 Zero-Risk + Zero-Worry + Zero-Loss

Contests 3-4 times/month -|- Giveaways 7-8 times/month

Crypto take on B-I-N-G-O “T-O-K-E-N” EVERY WEDNESDAY

+21 more…


— Over 21 days/month offering ways to earn more $mnR, more $mxR, and more Fiat. Even when losing, the wagers go towards increasing the dividend wallet. Which breaks down to not only is winning still winning but now losing is winning. And if just always winning doesn’t satisfy that “gambling” craving for the big pay out…just play more.  The more consistent the participation – the better the odds to win larger prizes.

Crypto Take on Texas “Token” Hold’Em

High/Low Card “Coin” -|- Black “Green” Jack

Baccarat “Bitcoin-Banker” -|- +13 more…


— Building upon the online casino craze that has overtaken the global gambling market. With the exception that the “House” is part of the community and every “gamble” turns almost into a donation.  And every donation ends up being redistributed to the community. Thus, the positive community gain allows for more “gambling”.  Thus, more “donations”.  Thus, more positive community gain. Then, infinitely repeat.

5th and Final Feature:  Creating Real-World Advantage and Benefiting All Communities – One of the most overlooked markets is the one that millions of people use daily around the world. One that cleans the dirt from the day’s trials and tribulations. One that many grudgingly do day in and day out, week in and week out from a young age and throughout the course of their lives. And one that is expensive enough that it falls into most family budget considerations each year…

…  L A U N D R Y

Laundry like Dishes like any other responsibility that is a need over a want, is also an expense over an asset.
The SAFE Invantage team may not be able to do your laundry for you (not that it isn’t on the vision board) but Moon ROI can turn that expense into an asset. It may also turn the need into a “Need AND a want”.
Opening up day and date with the Moon ROI launch will be a minimum of 20 “Updated” Crypto-Friendly laundromats. All will be equipped with the moon ROI tokens for purchase to exchange via standard paper currency in, hard currency out. Except this will be moon ROI tokens NOT quarters. There will also be the opportunity for the subscription service with the Moon ROI “Token-Back” benefits.
  • $39.95 USD/Month = 4 Large Loads (W/D) + Detergent
  • $59.95 USD/Month = 8 Large Loads (W/D) + Detergent + Drier Sheets
  • $99.95 USD/Month = Unlimited Loads, Detergent, Drier Sheets + $1 of $mnR Token Back for each Wash AND Each Drier Use
Every dollar spent buys $mnR which in turn buys $mxR and more $mnR weekly. Plus, opens up to more and more dividends. The best part, the majority of the people using laundromats are NOT crypto savvy investors so every aspect of each transaction looks and feels like every time before with standard currency. There will be instructions, on-sight support and a wealth of crypto experience and knowledge to help guide them into the crypto space. With over $6 Billion in revenues, over 20,000 currently in existence and an almost 2% jump in usage thus far into 2022, coupled by a degrading housing market – the opportunity to expose millions to crypto, invest millions into Moon ROI via this outlet alone, and market/advertise country-wide is enormous. Some might say “out of this world”.

Breaking the mold isn’t up just upgrading existing goods/services but adding onto them. Enter in businesses #2 & #3 of the 3-prongue “Invest Case”.

Alongside the laundromat will be a full arcade. With most laundromats sitting in an area with foot and car traffic exceeding 15-20,000/day and also, near family orientated neighborhoods or college campuses, an arcade is almost a necessary laundromat add-on. Just like, where legally acceptable, the Moon ROI Casino-Esque Crypto Games for those who want to play arcade games but make money at the same time!

With the EXACT same principle of USD for Moon ROI Tokens or to fill the Prepaid Moon ROI Card, no USD will actually be spent on anything other than investing. And all investments will be held until their value increases to cover operational expenses and limit the amount needing to sell. Causing always a heightened positive trade volume, a liquidity heavy asset and more funds to share with the community through dividends and giveaways.

Like previously mentioned, this is not your average project. This is NOT your average token. This is NOT your average company and team.