The [MAX] Refund Promise

Seed Funding Investment Recall

project Delays Turn

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refund Requests + Investor Benefits


In FEBRUARY of 2022, SAFE Invantage released the first version of the Website and a 3-document Whitepaper. With that came a successful ICO/IDO for Max ROI and attracted a lot of solid investors. But, as with any new business, any new crypto looking to make it, and with any new project owner, there was a learning curve. Coupled with an unrelenting bearish market, delays began to take place. By early MAY there was an entire team change, a full fledged re-branding, and new web-host launched. Leading to more target date pushes.

The CEO chose to do the unheard of in any investment platform…offer refunds. A self-service refund request section was put up to show that the token was more than just another crypto currency.  

With the business-first focus of the company, refunds, albeit not required, were meant to ease short term investor worries. However, a turbulent market drew closer causing date critical releases to shift in favor of preparation for what was to come. More refunds were requested. Luckily, the purpose of the project and the point of the business was not lost on those outside of the normal crypto channels. Within 1 month, any losses were immediately recovered.

The Refund Status

Below is a time frame for when those who requested refunds will receive them.  As many know, any investment, any gamble, or transaction that is knowingly used in hopes of turning it into more than it originally started is considered non-refundable. SAFE Invantage, however, was not built to follow any standard practices.  It most certainly was not formed to deceive or to negatively impact any investors, just the opposite. Which below will lay out just how “opposite” the SAFE Invantage way truly is.

FIRST the schedule:

  • Every refund will be honored within 24-48hrs of launch (Week of October 10th on PancakeSwap) – Refund Confirmation Below
  • BONUS 1: With the average purchase price of BNB at the time hovering around $420, there will be a flat BNB rate of $435/BNB paid out.
  • BONUS 2: All bonuses, referral-related extras and services rendered will be paid out 48-72hrs after launch (Week of October 17th)

NOW the numbers:

The Value of Patience and Trust appears to be an almost 40% gain!

  1. Original Seed Funding Amount Throughout February 2022: $99,098.32
  2. Market Value Due to Bearish Market: $65,675.99 (@$273/BNB -September 16)
  3. Net Loss: $33,422.54 (33.7% loss)
(If Refunded any time in the past 10 months outside of 12 total days – Net Loss would be greater than $44,000 or 56%)
and FINALLY the refund ROI:

  1. Refund Amount Available to Cover the Entire Seed Round: $104,304.69
  2. Bonus add-on Funds available following launch: $114,948.99
  3. Total pulling out of the project to make right with the community: $219,253.68 or 221.24% more than the initial investment

Quick stat: roughly 88.2% of all crypto buyers have never had a 200% win in crypto being in a project over 4 months. If you take into consideration that refunds are not guaranteed by any project nor has more than 0.01% of all projects ever honored one, it becomes a net gain of 400% (from zero). 

The entire team at SAFE Invantage is working tirelessly to expedite anywhere possible to help get those refunds to you without any additional delays!

Business Ethics

core values

Core Values like Integrity like Business Ethics are absent from the majority of the crypto space. From the developers, to the project owners, to the buyers and sellers. That’s the reason some of the smartest business people stay clear of it. SAFE Invantage is setting out to remedy that. Starting with Max ROI.

Knowing there is zero obligation to accommodate refunds regardless of the project status or what may happen – SAFE Invantage IS doing refunds. With over $30B scammed in the past 19 months, over $2.1T lost in a blink due to 7-8 projects operating carelessly and almost every project a crypto fanatic invests into suffering 99% losses – SAFE Invantage is offering up real opportunity with 99% wins during an unheard of bearish market surrounded by an incoming recession.


“But what about all the missed deadlines…”

“But what about all the delays…”

To be perfectly clear, missed deadlines and repeated delays are not typical business practices. Specifically, those of a good business. 


Being “good” is not our goal. Practicing “typical business” processes and procedures is not our intent. There isn’t 1 business that exists today that we will mimic or we have any desire to be like. SAFE Invantage setting out with one objective, to promote real positive change. To promote adaptable and evolving innovation. To promote better living and better lives for as many as possible.  


Being able to adapt, to evolve, and to handle obstacles with ease is how any company succeeds no matter the industry or market for which they are apart of. For SAFE Invantage and Max ROI, being able to foresee what is coming and solve the issue prior to it becoming an issue, that is what we spend countless hours strategizing for. With tens of thousands of variables involved, this approach is extremely complex and time consuming. Especially, with how far in the future the company looks. Unfortunately, that causes some discrepancies with near future commitments. 

However, unfavorable as it may be, the approach is 100% necessary to do what is 100% necessary. To deliver a “too good to be true” concept beyond just the idea-phase. A deadline missed becomes less of a priority if it allows securing the futures and families of those involved.  

Every miss is another attempt to not miss. Every fail is another attempt to not fail. By launch and beyond, there will be zero room for error. Zero room to miss our targets and zero room to fail any of our objectives. Things are already incredibly improved with less than 2 weeks before launch. In order to keep positive momentum, the Presale option is once again open to the public. 

If any concerns or questions arise, please click HERE. For any/all business updates, click HERE.