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The Ultimate Crypto FAQ

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Crypto 101: FAQ’s

  • Cryptocurrencies are digital assets and decentralized systems that allow for secure online payments. It is secured by cryptography, which makes it nearly impossible to counterfeit or double-spend
  • The blockchain technology backing cryptocurrency is inherently secure, thanks to the decentralized — and public — nature of distributed ledger technology and the encryption process every transaction undergoes.

What Is Cryptocurrency? | NextAdvisor with TIME

The blockchain
technology backing cryptocurrency is inherently secure
, thanks to the
decentralized — and public — nature of distributed ledger technology and the
encryption process every transaction undergoes.

What Is Cryptocurrency? | NextAdvisor with TIME


Cryptocurrency is important and it is not going away, or be limited
to 100 years as others may
speculate: transactions are fast, digital, secure and worldwide, which in
essence allow the maintenance of records without risk of data being pirated.
Fraud is minimized. Why is Crypto so important and should I care? (

The global cryptocurrency market size was valued at $1.49 billion in 2020, and is projected
to reach $4.94 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 12.8% from 2021 to 2030. Cryptocurrency Market Size, Share and Analysis | Forecast –
2030 (

An estimated 106 million
people worldwide
 now use cryptocurrency exchanges, including Bitcoin
and Ethereum, according to 2021 data from the cryptocurrency exchange Cryptocurrency is most popular in countries in Africa, Asia, and
South America compared to Europe, North America, or Australia.

 How Many People Own Bitcoin? 95 Blockchain Statistics (2022)

“Altcoin” refers to any type
of cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin
. Ethereum is the most popular altcoin,
and people use the full name (Ethereum) when talking about the broader
blockchain network but Ether (ETH) to discuss the currency itself.

What Are Altcoins? Crypto Investing for Beginners |
NextAdvisor with TIME

What are altcoins? Altcoin refers to any cryptocurrency that isn’t
Bitcoin, which means there are a lot of them: more than 13,000, according to CoinGecko.

Altcoins: What They Are and How They Work – NerdWallet

Ethereum, XRP, Tether, Cardano, Polkadot, Stellar, USD
Coin, Dogecoin

What Are Altcoins? Crypto Investing for Beginners | NextAdvisor
with TIME

A meme coin is a type of cryptocurrency derived from an online meme or a viral image on the
internet. Some of these coins have become popular investment opportunities,
their success largely driven by strong online communities and investors.

What is a Meme Coin and how do they work? (

Today, there are over 200 meme coins floating around on these blockchains.

What Are Meme Coins and How Do They Work? (

Perhaps the most popular example of a meme coin is Dogecoin, which is a cryptocurrency that features the image of a popular Shiba Inu dog that went viral as an internet meme. The dog in the meme was referred to as “Doge,” which became the
inspiration for the name Dogecoin.

 What Is a Meme Coin? (

  • A crypto token is a virtual currency token or a denomination of a cryptocurrency. It represents a tradable asset or utility that resides on its own blockchain and allows the holder to use it for investment or economic purposes.

Crypto Tokens Definition (

  • At a basic level, all coins are considered tokens but not all tokens are considered crypto coins. A token represents what a person owns, while a coin denotes what they’re capable to own. For example, your car title is a token. When you sell the car, you transfer the value of the title to another person. However, you can’t buy something else with that title.

How Are Crypto Coins Different From Tokens? (

  • There are currently more than 9,900 in existence. New tokens are popping up all the time – each with a different use case and backstory. The industry’s market cap fluctuates on a regular basis – often driven by the performance of major digital assets such as bitcoin and ethereum.

How Many Cryptocurrencies Are There? |

Tether, NFTs, DeFi

  • Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies the value of which is pegged, or tied, to that of another currency, commodity or financial instrument. Stablecoins are more useful than more volatile cryptocurrencies as a medium of exchange. Stablecoins may be pegged to a currency like the U.S. dollar or to the price of a commodity such as gold. Stablecoins pursue price stability by maintaining reserve assets as collateral or through algorithmic formulas that are supposed to control supply.

Stablecoin Definition (

  • There are roughly 200 varieties of stablecoins worldwide, according to the Blockchain Council. As of Friday, the three largest stablecoins by market value were tether at $78.6 billion, USD coin ($49.9 billion) and Binance USD ($17.2 billion)

What are stablecoins, and how do they differ from other cryptocurrencies? – CBS News

  • Stablecoinsare supposed to be less volatile alternatives to typical cryptocurrencies. · Tether (USDT) · Dai (DAI) · USD Coin (USDC) · TrueUSD (TUSD).

What Is the Best Stablecoin? 5 to Pick From | Cryptocurrency | US News

  • Tether (USDT), USD Coin (USDC), Binance USD (BUSD) Dai (DAI), TerraUSD (UST), TrueUSD (TUSD)

 Top 6 stablecoins in the crypto market — what are they, how they work and why they have governments worried | Business Insider India

  • Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are often used as investments, but there are a number of goods and services one can buy with Bitcoin.

What You Can You Buy With Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies (

  • Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be used to buy a growing range of products and services. Electronics, luxury watches, and even cars are among the items that cryptos can purchase.

What Can You Buy With Bitcoin? (

  • Cryptocurrency ATM is a terminal that allows you to buy BTC, ETH and other cryptocurrencies using a bank card or cash. Visually, they can differ from each other, sometimes look like ATMs and sometimes installed built into a stand or wall.

Cryptocurrency ATM And How Does It Work (

  • The number of bitcoin ATMs has exploded in recent years with over 36,000 The vast majority of them are in the US popping up where you shop. New bitcoin ATMs have been popping up across the United States where people can buy and sell a range of cryptocurrencies.

Are there bitcoin ATMs in the US? – AS USA

  • Today, there are over 18,000 cryptocurrencies in circulation. There are 18,465 total cryptocurrencies

How Many Cryptocurrencies are There In 2022? (

  • A blockchain is a distributed database that is shared among the nodes of a computer network. As a database, a blockchain stores information electronically in digital format. Blockchains are best known for their crucial role in cryptocurrency systems, such as Bitcoin, for maintaining a secure and decentralized record of transactions. The innovation with a blockchain is that it guarantees the fidelity and security of a record of data and generates trust without the need for a trusted third party.
  • Blockchain Definition: What You Need to Know (
  • A crypto exchange is a platform on which you can buy and sell cryptocurrency. You can use exchanges to trade one crypto for another — converting Bitcoin to Litecoin, for example — or to buy crypto using regular currency, like the U.S. Dollar. Exchanges reflect current market prices of the cryptocurrencies they offer. You can also convert cryptocurrencies back into the U.S. Dollar or another currency on an exchange, to leave as cash within your account (if you want to trade back into crypto later) or withdraw to your regular bank account.

What Are Crypto Exchanges? | NextAdvisor with TIME

  • Whitepapers explain the purpose and technology behind a project. They usually provide statistics, diagrams and facts to convince interested investors to purchase the cryptocurrency. Producing a whitepaper is key a step required for a crypto startup to be considered legitimate and professional, as it helps investors understand how a business is different from rivals in the space. Whitepaper | Alexandria (
  • A smart contract is a self-executing contract with the terms of the agreement between buyer and seller being directly written into lines of code. The code and the agreements contained therein exist across a distributed, decentralized blockchain. The code controls the execution, and transactions are trackable and irreversible.
  • Smart Contracts Definition (
  • Contract trading is a method of trading assets that allow traders to access a larger sum of capital through leveraging from a broker. In simple terms, contract trading allows traders to borrow capital to open trades with a larger margin to secure a potentially higher profit.

Contract Trading: A Beginner’s Guide to Crypto Contracts | by SnapEx | SnapEx Blog | Medium

  • How To Buy Cryptocurrency
  • Choose a Broker or Crypto Exchange. To buy cryptocurrency, first you need to pick a broker or a crypto exchange. …
  • Create and Verify Your Account. …
  • Deposit Cash to Invest. …
  • Place Your Cryptocurrency Order. …
  • Select a Storage Method.

How To Buy Cryptocurrency – Forbes Advisor

  • A candlestick is a way of displaying information about an asset’s price movement. Candlestick charts are one of the most popular components of technical analysis, enabling traders to interpret price information quickly and from just a few price bars. The color, which reveals the direction of market movement -A red (or black) body shows a price decrease.
  • 16 Candlestick Patterns Every Trader Should Know | IG US

A green (or white) body indicates a price increase                                                                   

16 Candlestick Patterns Every Trader Should Know | IG US

  • Slippage is the difference between the expected price of an order and the price when the order actually executes. The slippage percentage shows how much the price for a specific asset has moved. Due to the volatility of cryptocurrency, the price of an asset can fluctuate often depending on trade volume and activity. 


What is slippage? | Coinbase Help

  • Gas fees are payments made by users to compensate for the computing energy required to process and validate transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. “Gas limit” refers to the maximum amount of gas (or energy) that you’re willing to spend on a particular transaction.


Gas (Ethereum) Definition (

  • Liquidity in cryptocurrency markets essentially refers to the ease with which tokens can be swapped to other tokens(or to government issued fiat currencies). One way a market achieves liquidity is through the use of order books, like in a stock market.


What are liquidity pools? (

  • A liquidity pool refers to a pool of tokens that are locked in a smart contract, which is a self-executing program based on the agreements between the buyer and seller. The pool enables cryptocurrency trading by providing users with liquidity. Liquidity refers to the ease with which a token can be swapped with another.


How Do Crypto Liquidity Pools Work? | Jumpstart Magazine

  • Liquidity is locked by renouncing the ownership of liquidity pool (LP) tokens for a fixed time period, by sending them to a time-lock smart contract. Without ownership of LP tokens, developers cannot get liquidity pool funds back.

This provides confidence to the investors that the token developers will not run away with the liquidity money. It is now a standard practice that all token developers follow, and this is what really differentiates a scam coin from a real one.

Why Locking Liquidity is Important for Cryptocurrency | HackerNoon

  • Crypto market capitalization is the total value of a cryptocurrency. Where stock market capitalization is calculated by multiplying share price times shares outstanding, crypto market capitalization is calculated by multiplying the price of the cryptocurrency with the number of coins in circulation.

What is Crypto Market Cap (Market Capitalization)? | NextAdvisor with TIME 

  • Utility tokens offer the right to a service or product. A utility token has a wider functionality than a coin. Utility tokens do have value, but they cannot be considered money as straightforward as a coin. Utility tokens can provide value to investors in different ways. They give users access to a future product or service.
  • Token Classes Explained: Coin vs. Utility Token vs. Security Token – INVAO
  • LFG is short for“let’s fucking go” and is really only that – an expression of excitement. For instance, you may be inclined to tweet LFG if you BTFD and the price of the coin you bought increased significantly.

Crypto Slang You Need to Learn | Alexandria (

  • Reflections arerewards paid to holders of a specific token. Tokens that distribute this payment to holders are called reflection tokens. This feature allows tokens to self-generate passive income for their owners. To participate in the reflection program, holders simply need to keep that specific coin or token in their wallet.

Reflections – CryptoDefinitions

  • Tokenomics is the system of incentives and mathematics that govern a crypto project. A token with a sound plan for why people will buy and hold tokens over time has a good chance to succeed, while a project with poor tokenomics is doomed to fail. Understanding the tokenomics of a project is vital in order to make a wise decision.

4 Things You Find in Crypto That Aren’t in Traditional Finance (

  • Reward miner coin itself is ahyper deflationary; passive income generating Crypto currency; which rewards holders with BUSD stable coin. BUSD stable coin is paid as a percentage of the projects daily trading volume and distributed to holders as a share based to their overall holding percentage in the project.

Reward Miner Crypto Currency |

  • In the cryptocurrency scene aping or to ape refers toentering a position in a coin. It’s a slang term used a lot in chats and on Twitter. For example ‘ What coin are you aping into?’ would mean ‘ What coin are you buying?’

Crypto Dictionary | 200+ Terms Explained! (

  • Apenomics is a word that combines the words “economics” and “ape.” When you “ape in” you throw way more money than is reasonable into a highly dubious project. It’s another way of saying “YOLO” in the world of Defi.

Apenomics: What Does it Mean to “Ape Into” Something in Crypto + DeFi? – The Burning Platform

  • Diamond hands is a term that has been popularized by the cryptocurrency community. In a nutshell, it means holding on to an investment asset despite volatility and risks. When you have “diamond hands” it means that you hold onto an investment no matter what. You don’t sell it regardless of volatility, losses or gains. Someone with diamond hands resists panicking when prices dip, but he or she also doesn’t get greedy when prices rise. The person is in it for the long haul.

What Does Diamond Hands Mean? (

  • Paper hands is a term used in the crypto community to characterize people who sell a digital asset such as bitcoin when turbulence strikes markets. It’s the opposite of so-called diamond hands, or ardent believers who say they will hold for the long term.

Bitcoin pullback is shaking out investors who have ‘paper hands,’ says strategist (

  • Panic selling refers to the widespread and impulsive sell-off of a cryptocurrency. This event results in a rapid and sharp decline in the coin or token price. Panic selling is usually fear-driven, as investors try to get out of an investment as quickly as possible, with little regard for the price at which they sell.

What Is Panic Selling? – Definition by CryptoDefinitions

  • An IDO refers to a project launching a coin or token via a decentralized liquidity exchange. This is a type of crypto asset exchange that depends on liquidity pools where traders can swap tokens, including crypto coins and stablecoins. For instance, USDT/ETH is a liquidity pair.

What Is an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) and Why Do We Need Them? | Alexandria (

  • An initial coin offering (ICO) is a type of capital-raising activity in the cryptocurrency and blockchain environment. The ICO can be viewed as an initial public offering (IPO) that uses cryptocurrencies. However, it is not the most precise comparison, as there are some crucial differences between the two fundraising activities. Startups primarily use an ICO is to raise capital. The main advantage of ICOs is that they remove intermediaries from the capital-raising process and create direct connections between the company and investors. In addition, the interests of both parties are aligned.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) – Overview, Types, and How it Works (

  • An IEO is an ICO managed by an exchange. The advantages of an IEO is that it is regulated and listed on the exchange from the get go. Investors can also feel safer knowing the exchange vetted the project listed.                                                                                                                   
  • What is an IEO? A Simple Beginner’s Guide (2022 Updated) (
  • A launchpad isa platform that allows investors to buy tokens of new cryptocurrency projects before they are publicly released. A launchpad is usually managed by a cryptocurrency exchange or another project dedicated to this purpose. 

What is a Crypto Launchpad? | Utopia.Fans

  • A cryptocurrency presale is the opportunity to buy crypto tokens or coins before they are released into circulation. There are two types of cryptocurrency presales. The first is an investor-only token sale, offered exclusively to big investors who want to put their money into a new cryptocurrency venture early on.

What is a Cryptocurrency Presale? – InvestorBill

  • The simplest answer was likely staring you in the face. Assuming you bought your crypto through a crypto exchange there is a good chance you can use the same exchange to turn it back into fiat. Major exchanges such as BinanceCoinbasecom, and Kraken all have options for you to convert your crypto into fiat. One less well-known way to convert crypto to cash is a P2P Exchange or Peer to Peer Exchange. That same exchange you bought your crypto through and are maybe even considering using to convert it back to cash might have another solution for you: crypto cards.

Ask CryptoVantage: How to Convert Crypto to Real Money

  • One great way to protect cryptocurrency vs hackers is to put the crypto on cold storage and lock it up at a bank safety deposit box or another secure location. This takes it off of exchanges and out of the cloud, so it can’t be hacked online.

Cold storage basically means a device or drive that is not connected to the internet. Cold storage is secure because then it is almost impossible to remotely hack it, unless it is connected to a network. You would have to physically control the device or drive to hack or access it. Don’t leave crypto on the exchanges for more than is necessary for trading.  Two factor authentication is a must.                                                                                                                        

Want to Boost the Group? Focus on the Individual |

  • The US government’s tax collector treats cryptocurrencies as property. When investors sell tokens and pocket profits, usually in exchange for US dollars, they are obliged to pay capital gains taxes. Short-term capital gains earned within 12 months of the cryptocurrency’s purchase are subject to a tax rate that ranges from 10 to 37%, which is essentially the same as one’s ordinary income tax rate. Long-term capital gains on holdings of more than a year go from zero to 20%. Taxpayers’ income levels determine the precise rate. The more they earn, the higher the rate. An individual, for example, who earned between $80,000 and $441,450 in employment income and made, say, $10,000 on the short-term sale of Bitcoin would be taxed at 15%. That translates into a bill of $1,500.


Guide to Cryptocurrency Taxes | Titan

  • Passive income is money generated from activities in which one is not actively involved. And this is different from what most crypto users do: purchase a digital asset and hold in expectation of earning a decent profit if prices appreciate. To earn a passive income in crypto, one must be guaranteed stability in returns. That is, earnings must be fixed and predictable. While purchasing and holding an asset in hopes of capital gains is a popular way, there is no guarantee of earning percentage. This is because prices can be impacted by factors beyond the control of the project or market. However, a user can earn passive income in crypto by staking. Here, a crypto holder can lock their asset for some time, contributing to network decentralization and security for block validation and thus block rewards. 

What is Passive Income in Crypto | Crypto Current (

  • Cryptocurrency is an important part of financial freedom. Especially today, where surveillance is on the rise and privacy is harder to come by, cryptocurrency will become a necessary part of financial freedom. However, cryptocurrency is not the whole picture. You also need the tools and ecosystems that can be built on a cryptocurrency, for example, what you see today with DeFi on Ethereum. On top of that, you need to build a culture that understands and wants financial freedom.

‘Crypto Is an Important Part of Financial Freedom,’ Says Amaury Sechet (

  • Family money or legacy wealth that is handed down from one generation to the next is referred to as generational wealth. If your family has left you a large sum of money or assets, this is considered generational wealth. Real estate, share market investments, a company, or anything else with monetary worth can be considered assets. These persons are likely to be able to escape student loans as well as other sorts of expensive debt. Instead, their inheritance could be used to fund income-generating investments, asset appreciation, or even the purchase of their first house. 

Generational Wealth: How Crypto Certificates help with it – Crypto Vault

  • When a cryptocurrency is bullish, it means that the digital asset is on an upward trajectory and will experience a price rise. A cryptocurrency market is bullish when it has strong demand and weak supply. Thus, most traders are optimistic about the growth of the crypto.

What does Bullish mean in Crypto? – Thebitcamp

  • Generally speaking, a bear market simply refers to astrong market downtrend that represents a substantial decline in prices over a relatively short period. To put it simply, a bear market is a term used to describe a negative trend in crypto coin prices.

What Does A Bear Market In Crypto Mean? – Cryptolume

  • A Crypto whale is a person who owns a large amount of cryptocurrency. Whales can also be entities, but either way, a whale will impact the volatility of crypto by either holding or selling a large number of coins at once.

What is a Crypto Whale | MoneyLion

  • The term whale refers to individuals, institutions, and exchanges with significant holdings of tokens. As an example, a whale account holds at least 1,000 Bitcoins in the Bitcoin universe. Whales such as Pantera Capital and Fortress Investment Group are examples.

How To Act As A Whale In Crypto? – Better Tokens

  • US dollars are usually needed to finance whales when they are around $10,000,000. Around 1,000 bitcoin is all you need to become one. It costs $50,000,000 USD to be the largest whale on Earth. With regards to the Whale Definitions, they become quite powerful enough to alter the crypto valuation. A cryptocurrency’s price can be impacted greatly depending on both its size and location if there is a wide range of Whale movement in the data.

How To Act As A Whale In Crypto? – Better Tokens

  • Crypto sharks on the other hand refer to investors that have over 500 BTC.

Crypto whales & sharks: why we should care but not be scared (

  • Perhaps the single most important success factor for any ICO or cryptocurrency is the developers and administrative team behind the project. The best protection against this fraudulent tactic is to thoroughly research the individual team members of a project before you invest. Individuals who rarely engage with their followers and yet have thousands of fans may not be real. A cryptocurrency or ICO whitepaper is the foundational document for that project. The whitepaper should lay out the background, goals, strategy, concerns, and timeline for implementation for any blockchain-related project. Whitepapers can be incredibly revealing: companies that have a flashy website may reveal they lack a fundamentally sound concept. Any ICO will depend upon a token or currency system in order to facilitate the crowdfunding process. Legitimate companies and endeavors make the system itself and the progress of the token sale easy for potential investors to view.

How to Identify Cryptocurrency and ICO Scams (

  • Once you’ve found a cryptocurrency you think will make a good investment, it’s time to start buying. The first step is to open an account with a cryptocurrency exchange. Most stock brokers don’t support trading in cryptocurrency. Coinbase (NASDAQ:COIN) is one of the most popular and beginner-friendly exchanges in the U.S. Other options include Gemini, and newer brokers such as Robinhood (NASDAQ:HOOD) and SoFi (NASDAQ:SOFI) support crypto. Just be sure the exchange you want to use also supports the cryptocurrency you want to buy.


Once you’ve funded your account with fiat currency, you can make an order to buy your cryptocurrency. Orders on an exchange work the same way as orders in the stock market. The exchange will match your buy order with someone making a sell order at the same price and make the trade.

Once your trade is complete, the exchange will hold your cryptocurrency for you in a custodial wallet.

How to Invest in Cryptocurrency | The Motley Fool

  • Essentially, there is no minimum amount of money that you should have to invest in cryptocurrency. Normally, the minimum amount of money is determined by the platform on which you will buy your cryptocurrency. For instance, if you are buying through Coinbase, you will purchase Bitcoin from £2. That being said, it is not prudent to invest such a small amount. The reason why this is a small amount to invest in cryptocurrency is that the exchange platform you are using will charge you fees for trading. If your investment is not big enough, these fees can affect it negatively. It is for this reason that it is highly advisable to invest a minimum of around £42. This will be a good place to begin.

How Much Money Do You Need To Invest In Cryptocurrency | Cryptopolitan

  • A digital wallet stores the cryptographic information used to access Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) etc. addresses and send transactions. Like you would use a physical wallet to store your cash, equally you need a digital wallet to store your cryptocurrency. A digital wallet can come in the form of an online, desktop or mobile wallet. Nonetheless, it is essential to choose a digital wallet that is safe and secure. Types of Digital Wallets: Hot Wallet, Desktop Wallets, Mobile Wallets & Cold Wallets

What is a Cryptocurrency Digital Wallet? (

  • A crypto wallet passphrase is anoptional feature that can be used in addition to your seed phrase to restrict access to your crypto wallet. Passphrases offer extra security in the event that your seed phrase is exposed, or if someone else gains access to your hardware wallet.

How do Passphrases for your Crypto Wallet work? – Vault12

  • Never ever share your Secret Recovery Phrase (passphrase) or private keys of your crypto wallet with anyone. Sharing your Secret Recovery Phrase or private keys with someone would be like handing over the pin code to your bank card or the keys to your house. It would give that person the ability to access and transfer all of your funds

Wallet passphrase & private keys : NEVER share it with anyone | BlackHatWorld

  • Privatekeys should never be shared and represent final control and ownership of cryptocurrency.

BEST Crypto Safety Guide 101 (Keep Your $$ SAFE with Passphrases) – BitBoy Crypto

  • No one other than you should ever see your private key because the person that controls the private key owns the funds in a wallet address. If someone steals your private key, there is no way to prove that the coins are yours. When your wallet software generates your private key, write it on a piece of paper and keep it in a safe place – if it is stored on your computer then there is the chance it can be hacked and stolen.

What are crypto wallet addresses and public/private keys? (

  • cryptocurrency wallet address is a string of letters and numbers that represent a virtual wallet that you can send and receive cryptocurrency through. Each wallet address is unique and has a specific allocation on a blockchain.

What is a Crypto wallet address? | Coinmetro Help Center

  • Your crypto addresses are safe to display anywhere you would like to accept tips, payments, or donations. It is not possible to steal digital currency with a public address alone. 

Is a crypto address linked to my Coinbase account safe to display publicly? | Coinbase Help

  • Trust Wallet is a diverse non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet, with support for over 1 million different cryptocurrencies across blockchains managed on a smartphone. Through the app, Trust Wallet users can buy cryptocurrency, send and receive coins, and buy and sell NFTs.

Trust Wallet Review 2022 (

  • MetaMask is a popular cryptocurrency wallet known for its ease of use, availability on both desktops and mobile devices, the ability to buy, send, and receive cryptocurrency from within the wallet, and collect non-fungible tokens (NFTs) across two blockchains. While experienced crypto users will appreciate the simplicity and fast transactions, those new in the space are at a higher risk of losing their tokens from lost secret phrases, malicious websites, and other cryptocurrency scams.

MetaMask Wallet Review 2022 (

  • Unlike a normal wallet, which can hold actual cash, crypto wallets technically don’t store your crypto. Your holdings live on the blockchain, but can only be accessed using a private key. Your keys prove your ownership of your digital money and allow you to make transactions.

What is a crypto wallet? | Coinbase

  • PancakeSwap is a quick and cheap decentralized exchange.

This is especially true for the budding decentralized exchange (DEX) sector, where users increasingly engage with autonomous markets anchored by blockchain technology.

What Is PancakeSwap? Here’s How to Start Using It (

  • Here are some of the important factors to look at:
  1. The Team. …
  2. Social Presence. …
  3. The Idea and the Project Itself. …
  4. The Use of Their Token / Coin. …
  5. Current Market Cap (or ICO Cap), Price and Coins in Circulations. …
  6. Trading Volume – see above image. …
  7. Which Exchanges Currently List Their Coin. …
  8. Community & Developer Support.
  9. Their Company Development Stage
  10. Their Product Stage: Pilot / MVP / Alpha / Beta release
  11. Competitors
  12. Whitepaper
  13. The Legality of the Project

How to Assess Crypto Projects & Altcoins –

  • Using several sources to vet a coin is the best way to find a new coin crypto coin to invest in. Exchanges, data aggregators, and social media are some of the quickest methods for finding new coins. Cryptocurrency data aggregators come in handy for finding new crypto coins. For instance, CoinMarketCap collects and displays a list of new coins, their prices, market capacity, and trading volume. This type of service helps you get some of the information you need to determine what other investors think about the coin and whether it has potential. Social media is known for its ability to transmit information quickly. There are many websites that you can look over to find new coins. You can use several tools to help you verify the validity of the new cryptocurrency you’re investigating.

How to Find New Crypto Coins (

  • There are many different charting solutions on the market, but these three were the best we could find in terms of feature sets, ease of use, and exchange integration. TradingView is by far the most popular charting and technical analysis tool for traders of all markets. Coinigy is another extremely well known technical analysis tool in the world of crypto. is another comprehensive charting tool owned by Kraken which lets traders get access to live streamed price, volume, and orderbook data from over 800 exchanges.

The Best Charting Tools For Crypto Traders | CoinLedger

  • CoinMarketCap is the world’s most-referenced price-tracking website for cryptoassets in the rapidly growing cryptocurrency space. Its mission is to make crypto discoverable and efficient globally by empowering retail users with unbiased, high quality and accurate information for drawing their own informed conclusions.

About | CoinMarketCap

  • CoinGecko is the world’s largest independent cryptocurrency data aggregator with over 13,000+ different cryptoassets tracked across more than 600+ exchanges worldwide. CoinGecko is the world’s largest independent source of reliable cryptocurrency data and is frequently cited across the industry by various publications.

About CoinGecko

BNB Coin is a cryptocurrency that is used primarily to pay transaction and trading fees on the Binance exchange.

Binance Coin (BNB) Definition (

Some cryptocurrencies are harder to obtain than others. BNB Bank is one of them. It’s not available on the Coinbase app or Coinbase Wallet. But don’t worry, we’ve provided some hints to help you find a way to buy BNB Bank that works for you.

Check CoinMarketCap to see where you can buy BNB Bank and with which currencies.

Pick a platform to make your purchase.

Make the purchase on your chosen platform.

How to Buy BNB Bank | Coinbase

  • Binance is an online exchange where users can trade cryptocurrencies. It supports most commonly traded cryptocurrencies. Binance provides a crypto wallet for traders to store their electronic funds.

Binance Exchange Definition (

  • The metaverse and cryptocurrency seem to be concepts that go hand-in-hand – virtual worlds and virtual money to spend in them. Both form an integral part of what is being hyped these days as “web3″ – the third generation of the internet, following web1 – the world-wide-web, and web2 – social media.

How The Metaverse Will Change Cryptocurrency (

  • The Metaverse (always capitalized in Stephenson’s fiction) is described as a shared “imaginary realm” that is “made available to the public across the worldwide fiber-optics network” and projected onto virtual reality goggles in the novel.

What is metaverse in blockchain? A beginner’s guide on an internet-enabled virtual world (

  • The Cryptoverse is a 3D virtual world which is built in the Unreal Engine and underpinned by blockchain technologies. Vision.

The Cryptoverse | The Cryptoverse is a 3D virtual world which is built in the Unreal Engine and underpinned by blockchain technologies

  • Telegram is a multimedia, cross-platform messenger app that combines a lot of the features of your favorite social networks into one interface. Let’s have a look to see everything it has to offer. Telegram has been around since 2013 but remains a hidden gem in the social media world. It’s got great tools for one-on-one chatting, group messaging, social networking, as well as voice and video calls. Telegram also offers remarkable privacy features, customization options, and cross-platform capabilities.

What Is Telegram and Why You Should Try It – Review Geek

  • Telegram has native apps for all mainstream mobile, desktop, and tablet platforms: iOS, macOS, Android, Windows, and Linux. If you’re one of the rare users that don’t use one of these platforms, you can always access Telegram through a browser. Plus, logging in through a browser comes in handy if you’re not around one of the devices you have Telegram installed on. Telegram’s privacy and security settings have a lot to offer. Telegram employs end-to-end encryption on all video and voicecalls made through their service, which means that nobody can eavesdrop on your conversations, not even Telegram. Furthermore, Telegram has gone to bat for its users’ privacy against some of the most powerful governments in the world, most notably in Russia. Telegram offers a few extra perks. For example, chat groups on Telegram have an upper limit of a whopping 200,000 members. This is a double-edged sword because larger groups tend to have a considerable signal-to-noise ratio. But when groups near the 200,000-member threshold, admins can apply to convert it to an unlimited “broadcast group” where only they can post.  Telegram is a useful, versatile, safe, and fun app.

What Is Telegram and Why You Should Try It – Review Geek

  • End-to-end encryption is crucial to keeping your messages private and this is a level of protection that Telegram only offers in specific areas of its app. 

Is Telegram safe? Here’s what security experts have to say about the app (