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Having direct access to your investment asset performance is key to understanding how it’s not only performing but how it’s having an immediate impact on your short and long term financial position.  

Stage ONE: Presale Dashboard

The final Preview


Key Performance Indicators relate to the assessment of one or multiple aspects of a business unit.  Be it manufacturing, sales, finance, production, shipping/receiving, operations, etc.  

In this case, by building a DASHBOARD to allow all Max ROI (and future assets) investors/owners a peak into how well their investment is performing is the most important key to indicating project success.  

  • Full transparency into what an investor purchases is Step 1
  • Having the right interactive tool to do so is Step 2
  • Knowing what financial aspects of a project investors concern themselves with is Step 3
The next handful of steps all relate to how the use cases work and a behind-the-scenes look into just how necessary Real World Use-Cases are to Cryptocurrency sustained performance.


Stage TWO: Upcoming Tools

(Updated AUG-04-2022)

—    USE-CASE Scoreboard (ucs)   —

 THAT’S Different?!

Many projects state “use cases” or “utilities“. It’s a very common theme in the crypto space.  From games, to launchpads, to you name it – every crypto has a niche or commonality in their desire to keep investors interested and the project hype alive. Where are those projects today? 

The toilet. The basement. The bottom of the crypto-totem pole. However you want to categorize them, they have no future and are simply being used in ways to line the pockets of their creators with each “fluff” heavy headline.  

The Use-Case Scoreboard was built with these types in mind.  A way to see just how much of any given token under the SAFE Invantage umbrella is being removed from circulation via the Real World Utility for which uses it. Where the asset gains Real World Value, thus, sustainable longevity and success. 

—    Token performance ledgeR (tpl)    —

THIS Makes Sense!!

With so many claims, so many projects, and so many charts offering a plethora of information regarding how well, or in 98% of the cases, how NOT well an asset is doing – the TPL was born.

The Token Performance Ledger is a tool meant to highlight the good, the bad and the exceptional in terms of token performance.

A way for every investor to truly gauge just how well their investment is doing with a single click of a button. Utilizing WEB3, the Blockchain, and user information, tracking down every detail of investment success is not only a nicety but a necessity.  

And like everything in the upcoming SAFE Invantage Ecosystem, level-next innovation is right around the corner! 

Sell Schedule Analytics

Sell Schedule Analytics...

Having a way to give the unsure, insecure, uncertain investor a way to recoup initial investments has always been one of many Investor SAFE Priorities

Knowing the perfect time to sell to gain the most benefit is key to a trust-focused relationship in a trust-absent crypto space.

Unlike all tokens and the “hodl” mindset that seems to overwhelm the cryptocurrency altcoin world, selling is something that is emphasized greatly at SAFE Invantage. It increases trade volume, market stability and investment overall health. 


The USP or Unique Selling Proposition is an in-depth analysis of the project, market conditions, investor position…and about a dozen other metrics evaluated when delivering an investor-specific Sell Schedule. Until the release of our proprietary analytics tools, the vesting schedule in place for the first release (Max ROI) is a:

“once the 4% drops – wait 2-3 hours then – sell…Sell….SELL!”