A Walk Down Memory Lane

-- From Publication to Proof of Concept --

A Brief History

Decentralized Finance


A HUGE misconception exists surrounding Decentralized Finance (aka Cryptocurrency). The concept was born nearly 50 years ago in parallel with a recession (1973-1975 Oil Embargo/Wage Control) AND the first working transfer protocol (1974-1975 TCP/IP).  The Denationalization of Money in 1975-1976 by an Austrian Economist Friedrich Hayek began much of what we see today in Crypto. The correlation between that Recession, the Invention of TCP/IP by a government contractor and the release of that publication set forth a variety of interwoven events spanning nearly half a century to the formation of SAFE Invantage and the release of Max ROI.

History Repeats Itself - Until Now

Cause & Effect: Recession to Innovation


Not only has the recession pattern since 1973 impacted the creation and growth of decentralized finance, but the technological advancements necessary for the birth of the internet and P2P gaming.  

The Play-by-Play: 

SAFE Invantage utilizes historical reference to help predict future utilization of digital currency and statistical probability of economic trends. To help investors be able to understand the bulk of everything the firm relies on to know (risk vs statistical possibility) what has, is currently and projected to take place, below is a highly-researched timeline of events since the mid-70’s up to today.

NOTE:  Any future-related information is strictly based on percentages, in-depth market evaluations, and a compilation of all financial information available at the time (22-JULY-21) of this release.

The 1970’s to 1980’s


The 1990’s to 2000’s


The 2000’s to 2020’s


if Innovation is the Aftermath of Recession....

....SAFE Invantage Is The Direct Result of Innovation