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ceo corner

Every business has a CEO

Every CEO has business insight…specifically into their own

Not every CEO reveals their own business insights…until now 

This page is dedicated to all company dealings. 

Starting with Q&A from the most common questions regarding any of the SAFE Holdings business investments. 

Then a quick check in with the Executive Team to see what they are concocting in the SAFE “Innovation Labs“.  Followed by a few Not-So BAU (business as usual) updates.

Common Q&A

To ensure this presents the greatest value-add, I will stay within the parameters of the following outline:

  1. Business Unit the question/answer pertains to
  2. Which outlet was used to ask the question
  3. If known, the reason for the question
  4. A concise answer to the question, if possible
  5. Team follow-up should other questions arise based on the answer I give
If there are other, more specific or more situational questions, please do not hesitate to reach myself or the team HERE. You will hear back from a member of the Executive Team within 24-48 hours depending on severity.  

Transparency - BAU

1st question comes from our Digital Currency Group (SAFE Invantage) and is in direct relation to the Max ROI token.

The question has come up a few times from the Telegram Crypto community.  

“Why isn’t the website more modern to meet prototypical crypto web designs and formats?”

The question was a result of a poorly planned and, subsequently, poorly executed paid AMA with another community. In their defense, they were amidst a full overhaul of their websites so the host was outsourced and not thoroughly vetted. That being said, the host was definitely more familiar with short term, quick-hit, hype tokens as his callousness regarding our website design more than confirmed it.  Below are 3 projects launched in the past 3 weeks.  All representing the more “prototypical” website designs.  

Examples of "More Modern" Crypto Websites

  • #4 Most Visited CMC (as of AUG-09 1100UTC)
  • Has  been a Honey Pot for 15 Hours Now
  • #15 Most Visited CMC (as of AUG-09 1100UTC)
  • Has  been a Slow Rug for 24+ Hours Now
  • Watch-2-Earn, Solid Concept
  • Out for 19 Days, peaked on the 7th Day
  • Legitimate project – No future

Of the over 20,000 projects

>>More than 88% have “cookie-cutter” websites 

>>Of that 88%, only 0.6% still have future potential

>>Of that 0.6%, the revitalized website of our short lived partnership where the AMA was held…is NOT one of those

SAFE Innovation Labs

Team Candids

With a globally diverse team, pulling the majority together can be a logistical nightmare.  Luckily, most of the team reside in NY and DC and can get together as needed. Below are some fun pics of nearly 3 weeks of working side by side under 1 roof.  Unfortunately, not everyone could be apart of it but those who could, were.  

Cohesiveness amongst our team has been at an all-time-high since Day 1.  Be it our INCREDIBLE admin/mod group headed by Sam or our business group, the trust and loyalty is incomparable. I can’t thank them all enough for being apart of this with me.

Transparency - NOT BAU

Deadlines Approaching

Common Q&A Continued

Deadline Confinement

Back against the wall but mindful of staying FLEXIBLE enough to ADAPT

A Deadline is a necessary evil when being a publicly visible company – as is Evolving in an ever changing market to be SUCCESSFUL

2nd question comes once again from our Digital Currency Group (SAFE Invantage) and is in direct relation to the Max ROI token.

The question has come up in many forms and by far the most often. And again, from the Telegram Crypto community.  

“Why have there been so many deadline misses, updates and project pushes?”

This falls squarely on my shoulders. I set out to unleash a vision that is roughly a lifetime in the making. Due to a pandemic in 2020, it expanded to include virtual reality. As of 2021, it realigned to include cryptocurrency ($DOGE & $SHIB cause mass-media exposure). Now in 2022 with a recession, business units now include real estate, youth out-reach, and nest-egg recreation to support some of our target markets during their upcoming struggles. 

What is being built here is unlike anything before. It’ll utilize what’s available now, innovate where that falls short in meeting our expectations and invent the rest.

Flexibility Freedom

ADAPTING keeps the Limitations of pressured Deadlines more FLEXIBLE

improving deadline accuracy is key to SUCCESS and investor satisfaction – as is delivering investment-worthy projects/products