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SAFE Invantage was nothing more than a concept less than 10 months ago. As it has developed, the growth is beyond just a standard capitalistic concept. Where innovation isn’t just an additive, it’s the foundation, the framework, and everything in between. Where everything that is pre-existing becomes the stepping stones for real progress. Where creativity and inventiveness dissolve all obstacles and break free of all perceived limitations.

Welcome to the Next Stage in the Evolution of Finance



Labeled as one of the most controversial, yet just as equally lucrative, forms of investing is approaching the 14th Birthday of its first Blockchain and Coin.

Bitcoin (BTC) was available for trading mid-JAN 2009. Its Whitepaper release (“birth certificate”) just 3 months earlier in OCT-2008. Who knew Bitcoin would end up establishing its identity, gain investor trust and become a powerhouse of an investment opportunity. Let alone, create a multi-trillion (at one point) dollar cryptocurrency investment space.

Even as a scam ridden, highly volatile digital asset market evolved, it has not only survived almost 15 consecutive years of diversity, scrutiny and doubt BUT has THRIVED. Sustaining itself through almost a year-long bear market has shown that Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general is here to stay. Plus, still, in many ways, considered the most opportunistic platform for new investors in the modern era of digital finance or finance in general.

Click HERE for a brief history of on how it all began nearly 50 years ago. Click HERE for where SAFE Invantage is taking it and HERE for how it’s happening.

Why is SAFE Invantage building an entire company focused on something as risky and poorly received by mainstream investors? 

How could any project have expectations of positive ROI (return on investment)?  A decentralized, unregulated international virtual space that nearly every investor exudes hesitation and distrust doesn’t appear to be an ideal “money-making” venue.

3 Very Distinct Reasons

(as of OCT 7th 2022)

/|\    OPPORTUNITY    \|/


Global Market – $13+ Trillion Evaporates in 9 Months

The US Alone:

  • $3T of 401K/Retirement
    • $1.4T – 401K / $2.0T – IRA
  • $2.051T of Cryptocurrency
  • $8T off the US Stock Exchange
    • S&P down 24.7%
    • NASDAQ down 34%
    • Dow Jones down 19.92%

How does devastating loss lead to Crypto success?

\|/    REDUNDANCY    \|/


Crypto represents a financial institution without a governing body regulating all aspects of it which should promote creativity. Interestingly, it has the reverse impact. An investment space where projects just replicate prior projects that had moderate, short term success.  

How do you make money long term? How do you sustain hype for steady volume? YOU DON’T. How does interest stay elevated? How is additional revenue manufactured? IT’S NOT. How do you get new investors with limited positive sentiment? YOU DON’T.

\|/    BITCOIN – BTC    /|\


Bitcoin having direct impact to every project that its paired with + impacting every project that is directly paired with one of Bitcoins pairs. 

Domino effect through Crypto creating volatility, unpredictability and instability.

If Bitcoin has majority share, how can there be independent success? With that 58-59% market share, how do you escape their shadow?

Investment Management


….for Change….for Growth

Given that there is an idea circulating that Bitcoin was the result of the “Great Recession” of 2008, it makes sense that the Evolution of Finance would involve Cryptocurrency heading into the “Great GREAT Recession” of 2023.  

Why is a recession an opportunity? 

When careless and short sighted activities are performed by large centralized financial institutions like massive banking chains, international lending organizations or even governments, a preventable recession ensues. Other avoidable triggers like oil embargos, international conflicts and real estate collapses usually play an equally important role. 

The result – anger, frustration, fear, desperation and discomfort side effects as money and employment substantially decline in each household. However, another pattern also surfaces – openness to change, Innovation, creativity, inventiveness and problem solving. 

As the timeline illustrates, there WILL BE a silver lining to the difficult times and SAFE Invantage will be painting that silver lining for the WORLD. 

What opportunity signals have there been?

I. A Global adoption of cryptocurrency begins in a big way. Not from the billion+ investors still missing out, but from an unlikely arena that will open the doors for all those investors still hesitant to jump head first into crypto.

That arena: Centralized Finance and Major Retail

The players: Walmart, Amazon, NASDAQ, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase, Barclays, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, HSBC, BNY Melon, Bank of America, Ameritrade, Citadel, Pantera Capital, Charles Schwab, Morgan Creek Capital, Black Rock, Grayscale and dozens more plus dozens more everyday.  

The activity: Funding, Metaverse, Roblox “Walmart Land” & “Universe of Play”, crypto creation, blockchain involvement, research and development, crypto hedge funds, and investing in crypto. 

The price to play: Over $250 billion invested into crypto from all unlikely centralized players in one way or another since 2013 and looking to double that between 2022-2023.  

global success

II. The crypto space starting to be an attractive investment option for the first time ever.

  • The overwhelming awareness and acceptance by some of the largest company’s in the world, 
  • The country-wide contracts being signed with various cryptocurrency companies and real world corporations/chains
  • Global governing bodies stepping in slowly to help limit illegal activity while providing safety nets for new investors. 

With over $10 trillion in investment dollars not yet moving into crypto but the potential being there, the growth possibilities are unlike anything the world has seen since the internet…since the introduction of the stock exchange. 

The signals are overwhelming in favor of new crypto company success. Even with the current state of crypto hovering under a $1 trillion market cap (as of Sept 2022) due to the incomparable recession gaining more and more momentum, the window (of opportunity) is wide open and the thunderous (opportunity) knocking is unrelenting. But like anything new, gradually receiving mass approval still takes time before it becomes common place. So, here at SAFE Invantage, our recipe for success doesn’t include much of the same ingredients as past cryptos. And. For. Good. Reason.


BTC in the Lead

The easiest way to gauge whether or not a recently built project will stand the test of time is by looking at a few specific details of the current market. Averages from JULY 15 to OCT 7 2022 – directly from one of the more popular listings:

  • Total Tokens21,241
  • Total Market Cap:  $945,458,964,402
  • % MC of BTC/ETH: 56.9%
  • % MC of Top 10: 82.5%
  • % MC of Top 100: 97.15%
  • % MC of Bottom 21,141: 0.03%
  • Avg MC Per Bottom 21,141: $1,273,395.49
  • Avg Liquidity of Bottom 21,141: $84,044.10 or 6.6% of respective MC
POINT-1-One: Chances of a new project being successful, less than 0.03%.
POINT-2-Two: Over a 90-day period, less than 0.005%

With the odds less than 1 in 20,000 to go long term – in other words – over an 80-year lifetime, the average person has a better chance of being struck by lightning than creating a successful crypto project. And that’s in the most favorable of situations.

On the dawn of an unprecedented recession, what are existing or new projects going to do?  With the “No Lessons Learned” alt-coin space pouring out 1,000 projects every 45-60 days, let’s dive into the typical “Presale -> Launch -> Mid-Pump -> Massive Dump -> Larger Pump – Project Now in the Dump” projects flooding the cryptospace.

Given the REDUNDANCY of value-less offerings with all the failing projects out there, the below list should be the bare minimum before the gimmicky additions are piled on top:

  • Staking/Farming/Yield
  • Launchpads
  • P2E/Reflections/Rewards
  • Blockchain promises
  • Wallets
For example, SAFE Invantage will offer 1 wallet, 1 blockchain, 0 launchpads, 0 staking/farming, etc. etc. for the 13-token ecosystem. Only what provides the most value to the community now and 10 years from now:

The secret to improving the odds… succeeding where most fail… do almost the impossible and achieve what very few have before…..

… offer nearly a flawless model of success….

SAFE Invantage discovered that being original and innovative in every aspect of the business is the answer. It prevents losing investor interest in the long term and, internally, keeps employee interest at “hanging onto the edge of their seats” anxious. Wondering, “what could possibly come next?!?”

By running a grueling deliverable release schedule, we understood that other angles needed to be included. That taking it a step further meant mixing in creativity. Being inventive. Removing susceptibility to external project influence.

Bitcoin (BTC)


Bitcoin is by far the most popular, well known, and heavily traded cryptocurrency. With a gap of just under $250 billion MC between BTC and the next largest crypto, Bitcoin is king. 

The power Bitcoin has over the entire crypto space is incredible. Over 77% of tokens are impacted by its volatility and at a rate that is close to 1:1 percentage-wise in some instances. Due to this overwhelming 39%+ market share, if a new token is paired with anything other than a stablecoin, there is a good chance its chart pattern will be directly or indirectly tied to BTC. 

How is this level of Bitcoin market control good for SAFE Invantage? 

How can constant volatility of BTC during a 10-month bearish market heading into a recession prove fruitful for a brand new token launch?

1 Answer – 1 Word:  INDEPENDENCE

>> Having Bitcoin have that much influence over every other coin out there  >> Getting all the attention from every type of investor keeping it all over the chart >> Over 17,000 Cryptocurrencies having their futures tied to Bitcoin

Releasing each token independent of Bitcoin or any of its non-stablecoin pairs saves almost all the inconsistency…almost.  To maintain a more reliable atmosphere, the blockchain and a self-sustained/self-contained ecosystem will remove Bitcoin/ALL COIN influence. Allowing complete control of the future of SAFE Invantage.

Introducing: SAFE Invantage Year-One

SAFE Invantage started as a theory (APR ’21), grew into a business (FEB ’22), rebranded for familiarity (MAR ’22), incorporated for investor protection (JUL ’22) and constantly upgrade to safeguard every possibility of failing during the current and upcoming financial crisis.  Utilizing everything that exists today across all business, financial and technological platforms and upgrading them to meet our heightened standards. Here’s a deeper dive into what has been put into this so far:

Finishing out Q4 and heading strong into Q1 2023

Release of the long awaited Max ROI** in October and building the foundation of all token, invest case, and “helping hand” projects. The team and community behind Max ROI will be part of the company through everything that SAFE Invantage does. Which will be more profound than the investment ROI they see.

This also becomes an introduction of cryptocurrency to real world investors. With more than half the current Max ROI investments coming from outside the crypto-space via a very simple process of a Crypto Wallet (Trust) setup, Token setup, transfer of funds (via popular options like CashApp, PayPal, Venmo, etc.), then Tokens sent to the newly setup Crypto Wallet. Turn around time is under 30 minutes start to finish! Nearly all DOUBLING what they invested within the first 48hrs. Knowing major financial institutions like JP Morgan Chase has started making cryptocurrency transactions, the market for investing with SAFE invantage is about to explode. Opening up to over a billion potential investors ready to do something different, be a part of something more and change the landscape of the future they once weren’t looking forward to.

Click HERE for more information regarding where SAFE Invantage + SAFE Holdings started and where it’s heading. 

The Future with SAFE Invantage

Setting out to accomplish the near impossible is made possible by organically building the right team and then laying the necessary foundation.  Having that makes the below claims about as close to guarantees as is possible given the state of the world today coupled by the growing unpredictable nature of it:

  • [SAFE Invantage] will be successful in the crypto space
  • [SAFE Invantage] will not be influenced or impacted by anything exterior
  • [SAFE Invantage] will be flexible enough to adjust at moment’s notice
  • [SAFE Invantage] will not be apart of a long line of superficial hype tokens
  • [SAFE Invantage] will be safeguarded from failure and the triggers that start project failing
  • [SAFE Invantage] will not be a casualty of gambler-type investors, poor commodity, security performance or any internal/external panic 

if Cryptocurrency is the evolution of finance....

....SAFE Invantage Is The Evolution Of Everything Else